Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Plink for the Sink

To help freshen the garbage disposal, I use Plink.

They smell so fresh.  Sometimes I use lemon slices, but usually I use Plink.  Whatever is in them not only freshens the garbage disposal, but they also help to break up grease and food that plague the disposal and will sometimes cause it to jam.  One reason manufacturers suggest you use cold water when using your garbage disposal is that hot water will cause collected fats to soften and then harden up once you are no longer using the disposal.  When they harden, it causes the disposal to not spin and then you have to find the little tool that comes with it and insert it in the disposal and turn by hand to loosen things up.  Plink and cold water will help alleviate that unpleasant task.

I was tired of constantly entering the cabinet beneath the sink to retrieve a plink or two every now and then, so I found this cute little silver bowl and placed them in that next to the sink.

They are in sight, therefore in mind.  I drop one in at least once a week.  And on a week where I entertain, I use them more frequently.  Entertaining means cooking and cooking means food scraps and food scraps mean garbage disposal use.  To keep the blades sharp I drop in a handful of ice cubes periodically.  I hope you find this tips helpful in your kitchen.
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