Friday, August 23, 2013

A Gift Bag

There are countless ways to present gifts to friends and family.  They don't always have to be boxed and wrapped and adorned with a bow.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with presenting your gift like this, if you are feeling a little creative or if you are strapped for time, there are other ways to prepare your gift.  One of those ways is to use a bag.

I found this cute little bag at Whole Foods.  This would be a good bag to send to someone who is maybe going through a difficult time in their life or someone who is recovering from an illness.  You would be surprised what kind of impact something like this can have on someone who is suffering through hard times. A good and positive message and one we should all live by.

Fill the bag with things you know the recipient will really like or add some whimsical things that you think might bring a smile to their face.  You see in this one I have put in a troll doll along with some other items. Many of you will remember the troll dolls from the 70's.  This is a miniature troll doll.  The contents do not have to be super expensive, unless you want it to be.  I mean, if you want to drop in a tennis bracelet next to the troll doll, I doubt there will be many people who will object to receiving that!!!  It's all up to you.  It's the thought that counts.  Just knowing that someone cares can make all the difference in a persons life.
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