Monday, August 5, 2013

Miss Kitty!

We have some regular visitors at Crest Avenue and I like to keep fresh food and water out for them.  So, on Saturday I put out a bowl of fresh water and kibble for them to enjoy.  In the background you see the whiskey barrel liner that I rescued from the "big trash" pile some weeks ago.  When the whiskey barrel finally disintegrated after years of service in the landscape, I was left with this large black plastic liner.  For years it set inside the whiskey barrel, filled with garden soil and presented us with beautiful mums, geraniums, petunias, etc.  Now it serves as a rain barrel of sorts.  This area of the landscape is located at a point on the house where there is a valley where two roof slopes meet.  This area catches a significant amount of rainwater and deposits it into the gutter at this particular point causing the gutter to overflow.  This liner has been sunk into the ground and filled with pea gravel to catch the overflowing water.  There is a small hole in the center and eventually the water makes it way through the hole and into the surrounding ground.  Much better to do this than to allow the overflow to collect and pool on the ground next to the foundation.  To the right of the rainwater barrel are tiny sprouts of mimosa trees.  I plan to carefully remove them from the soil and transplant them into smallish clay pots.  Who knows.  We may be able to care for them and eventually have some healthy, mature plants for the yard.  I love mimosa trees.  We had one at home when I was growing up.  My sandbox was positioned underneath it.  I spent countless hours in that sandbox building little houses using bricks from my grandfathers garage.  Then I would nail two pieces of wood together and sit them at an angle atop the brick to emulate a roof.  A piece of a roofing shingle buried under the sand and then swept clean in certain areas made the perfect driveway for my Matchbox cars.  Funny I can remember that all these years alter.  I guess I knew my calling from an early age!
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