Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Arranging Flowers is SO Easy!

Everybody likes to have fresh flowers in the house.  I know I certainly do.  And I keep fresh flowers in different rooms at different times of the year.  I think some people are afraid to try to arrange flowers because they think it is something best left to a professionally trained arranger.  That is certainly true if you are sending flowers to a special event or to a loved one who lives many miles away.  But if you want to add a little flare and/or color to your home, you can easily arrange some fresh flowers in a vase.  Many times I pick up fresh flower assortments at my local grocer.  This arrangement was made from 3 bunches of alstromera and daisies and one bunch of greenery from my local Giant.

These are in a beautiful red and gold fired Italian Glass Vase I got from Pier One a few years ago.

Beautiful green and red Italian Glass Vases from Pier One

We love Pier One ( at Crest Avenue.  Speaking of Pier One, I think I need to go there this weekend.

To help protect this vase from water damage, I place a glass water tumbler in the bottom filled with fresh water and a drop of Clorox liquid bleach.  This keeps the flowers going for a long time.

So when I got home I had three bags of flowers and a fourth bag of greenery.  A little while later, this was the creation I put together.  Spend a little time with it.  As you continue to do it over and over you will get better at it.  
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