Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ode to Bev (aka Zsa Zsa) Verbeke

My friend Bev was recently in the hospital for some surgery to alleviate pain in your jaw/neck.  I felt inspired to write her a poem, and here it is.

There once was a girl named Zsa Zsa Verbeke,
Who went to the hospital with a pain in her neck.
She checked in on Friday and got into bed,
Woke up some time later, a turban wrapped head.
The doctor said Zsa Zsa, we fixed you right up,
It’s time to have vodka straight from a cup.
Zsa Zsa just laughed and put up her finger,
I must leave here now; I must not even linger.
She threw off the covers, tore open her gown
Look out all you boys, she’s painting the town.
To home she did go, to rest and to ponder,
So grateful she did not awaken “up yonder.”
Now she is fixed and a bright happy gal,
And forever and ever, she’ll be my best pal.

- Juan(ce) Upon a Time 

Here is the dear darling right after her surgery.  A brave gal and close friend.  All will be fine.  She is already back home and at work.

All you need is a diamond brooch in the middle of your turban, Miss Swanson.

Don't worry.  I got permission from her to use the picture before posting it.  I know better than to pull a stunt like that!!!

I would be remiss if I did not mention all the help provided by her sisters, Eva and Magda.  Actually they like to go by Gail and June these days.  I don't know what is going on there!!!  Thank you Gail and June for looking out for Zsa Zsa.  What would we do without you!!
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