Friday, August 16, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Almonds?

I love almonds in most anyway presented.  I like them toasted, salted, unsalted, whole, slivered, as a paste. I'll tell you another way I like them.

In the can!  No, . . . in these cans.  These are the CVS Gold Emblem brand and they are dee-licious!! Sometimes the store brand of anything is a little off.  Not quite the same as the name brand.  Not so here. These are as wonderful as any of the name brand canned almonds.  I would highly recommend both the habanero barbeque and the wasabi soy.  As you would expect, the wasabi soy are a little hot, but not so much that they bring tears to your eyes.  Just the right bite.  These are a good snack for anyone, but especially for diabetics.  The carbs and sugar content are very low.  Both flavors have 6g of carbohydrate and 2 grams of sugar per serving.  A serving is 1/4 cup or about 28 pieces.  So much better than potato chips or any of the other usual snack foods which are full of carbs.  I find that 28 pieces is enough of a snack for me.  They are filling.  So if you are diabetic, like me, or just someone watching the waist, try substituting almonds in place of a bag of potato chips.  A delicious snack that will not have you guilt-ridden later on.
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