Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Water, Water Everywhere

I am continuing my efforts to drink more water and less diet soda.  For someone who has been drinking diet soda for as many years as I have, this is no easy feat.  As I have said before, I prefer sparkling water.  And I prefer it in a can.  It is difficult to find sparkling water.  And sparkling water in the can is even harder to find.

I was pleased this past weekend to find these eight packs of La Croix water in cans at Walgreens.  I like both flavors but I would have been just as happy with unflavored water in cans.  These were both very good, but just plain sparkling water would have been fine.  I will go back this weekend and see if they have plain sparkling water.

In addition to the cans of La Croix, I bought this enormous container of Deer Park water with a handy spout. This will be used in Baxter's water bowl and in cooking.  Last night I steamed baby asparagus in the steamer using this water.

I have a whole house water filter which I installed years ago, right after I moved into Crest Avenue.

I decided to get the Whole House Prefiltration system rather than just a spigot specific filter.  This way all the water circulating throughout the house is filtered.  That means cleaner, fresher water for showers and handwashing and clean water running through the appliances, those that use water, i.e. the washing machine, dishwasher, automatic ice maker, water heater and so on.  Fewer contaminants in the water mean fewer contaminants surging through those appliances which means a longer life for the appliances.

The water filter was installed very near where the water line enters the basement.  Not a difficult project.  I have never regretted installing this water filter.  I use the Deer Park water for cooking and for Baxter just as an added precaution against water borne diseases.  We are living in a country with severely aged sewer and drinking water systems.  Why not take a little extra precaution.  The filters are easily changed.  You simply turn off the flow of water by turning the spigot on top of the unit; remove the clear, lucite container on the bottom by unscrewing it with the tool provided; remove the old filter, place a new filter inside, and screw it back on to the in-line apparatus.  Then turn the water back on by rotating the spigot in the opposite direction.  What could be easier.

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