Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cookie Talk

More cookie talk today.  You will remember last week I had cookie dough leftover from the Toll House cookies we made.  That leftover cookie dough was stored in a plastic bag and placed into the refrigerator for later use. This past weekend, I retrieved it and make two more batches of cookies.  These were every bit as delicious as the original batches.

I have to admit I have this recipe perfected.

During last week I found these wonderful fold-over treat bags at the Paper Source.  I had many friends on Facebook asking me to send cookies and I thought these bags would be perfect.  Turns out, they are the perfect size.  Each back can easily hold 8 cookies.  This week the lucky recipient of a cookie care package was Logan.

Here is a picture of his bag of 8 cookies which was shipped yesterday using one of the small flat-rate boxes from the post office.  This bag of cookies fit perfectly inside the box.  What a great presentation also.  I sent the box to his work address.  He own a  hair salon and spa and is quite successful.  I send enough cookies for him and all the employees.  I hope they enjoy them.
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