Friday, March 7, 2014

A Giant Moss Ball

I have always enjoyed decorating with a wide variety of pieces from a wide variety of places.  For instance, in Crest Avenue, you will find an inexpensive table that I found on sale, on clearance or second hand that I paid hardly anything for with a Tiffany bowl which cost 4 times what I paid for the table.  Another example of this was the kitchen cabinet re-do.  The cabinets I chose were mid-level in price and quality.  After they were installed I upgraded them with high-end hardware which gave mid-level cabinets a very stylish and high-end look. I find the juxtaposition of these items, one against the other, intriguing.  What does the eye see? What does the mind register?  Is it readily obvious what is taking place?  In most instances, it is not. You see what you want to see.  If it is aesthetically pleasing, then it is.  If the balance between the objects exists, then it exists. It is not necessary to buy all of your furnishings from Neiman Marcus, for example. Outfit your home with pieces you like, no matter where they come from.  If you happen to be in Neiman Marcus and you find some accessory that you decide you can't live without and it happens to be on sale, whip out that charge plate and buy it.  Take it home and place it on a second hand piece of furniture your cousin gave you for free that you refinished in antique gold and you are good to go.

Such is the case below.

In this picture we indeed have a Tiffany Millenium bowl which they were offering in 1999.  It is a deeply etched bowl.  The etched band around the top is done in Roman numerals from I to XII.  This is a beautiful piece of Tiffany crystal of the highest quality.  If you pay close attention to the rim around the stop you can see how thick it is.  That is very unusual unless, of course, you are buying from Tiffany.

In juxtaposition to the Tiffany bowl, I placed a large moss covered ball from where?  Target, of course.  I love Target every bit as much as Tiffany.  And I love the look of these two piece of accessories together.

Clean, simple designs - you can never go wrong with client and simple design.  Look around this weekend as you are running your errands and see what you can put together.  You will know it when you see it.

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