Monday, March 24, 2014

Strawberry Storage

I found these beautiful, fresh strawberries while running errands this past weekend.  They were on sale - two containers for $6.00.  What a deal.  So I got two.

First things first, when you buy fresh strawberries, be certain to empty the containers into a strainer and rinse them thoroughly.

I gave these beautiful strawberries a good, long rinse in cold water to remove any dirt and debris that may have made its way to the grocer.  As part of the packaging process they are rinsed but an extra rinse will certainly not hurt.

Then it was time to cut them into quarters and place them in a container.

I added a small amount of sugar - the amount I could pick up from the sugar jar in my 4 fingers and thumb.  I would guess about three tablespoons of sugar lightly sprinkled over the top.  This will bring a little sweetness to these delicious berries.

Finally, an airtight lid was attached and into the refrigerator with them.  These are perfect for snacking right from the container.  When the taste buds are wanting a sweet treat, a few of these hits the spot.  Much better for you than a candy bar or a slice of cake.  And every bit as satisfying.
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