Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Bring Tidings of Great Joy!

Great "spring" joy that is.  In preparation for the snowstorm which hit Sunday night and through yesterday, I moved some planters around.  This large planter with the Rabbits Foot fern which was on the front porch was moved to the deck.

This poor fern goes through the winter every year and comes back each spring with regal beauty.

As I was moving it I thought I noticed something making it's way through the soil.

"And what to my wandering eyes did appear?"  Tulips!!

And more tulips.  They are ready to spring forth, weather be damned!!  When I saw this I felt rejuvenated. No matter how hard old man winter tries to keep it away, spring will not be deterred.  It should not be long now before we start to see signs of spring all around.  Take it in and enjoy!!
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