Friday, March 21, 2014

A Happy Birthday Gift to My Friend, Von

One day last week, my friend Von celebrated her ___th birthday.  We are not sure which birthday.  It is a mystery!!  I kind of like that she keeps it a secret.  Keeps us guessing.  She is a beautiful woman no matter the year.  Of course I couldn't let the occasion slip by without notice, so I put together a little gift bag.  These are so much fun to do.  They can be as simple or as extravagant as you like.  Von likes to keep things simple, so we went that route.

Out of this pile of "stuff", we put together a really cute gift bag.

I found these shreds of crinkle cut at the Paper Source.  My endeavor this year is to find this at wholesale and keep a good supply of it on hand at all times in a multitude of colors.

We filled the bottom of the bag with some crinkle cut in preparation for a few little gifts.

The first gift was a gift card from Sprinkles Cupcakes in the amount of twenty dollars.  Now that will buy you a few cupcakes.  And the cupcakes at Sprinkles are sooooo incredibly delicious.  You will remember this was the place we stopped in last week and got cupcakes for Baxter, which he positively adored.

Searching for just the right card and I found it also at the Paper Source.

Just perfect.  I couldn't have designed a card any better.

I keep a variety of stickers on hand for different occasions.  I had birthday stickers but I saw these and couldn't resist.  So now we have some extra birthday stickers.

I hand addressed the envelope which contained her card and placed a black and white sticker on the envelope in keeping with the black and white theme this year.

Next stop was Au Bon Pain where I found these cute little bags of goodies to add to the gift bag.

And finally, the bag with the baked goods and the Sprinkles gift card.  It was just perfect and she loved it.

Now we explain why we have gone for two days without a post.  I took these pictures and sent them to myself like I have done 656 times before (at least I think that is how many posts I have made on WTCA). The first five photos came through perfectly so I downloaded them to the blog and started writing the story. The last five pictures came through "rotated".  That is, they were not in the position I wanted them in for the post.  So I did what I normally do to rotate them into the correct position.  For reasons still unknown to me it wouldn't work.  They would show up in the library in the proper position but when I would add them to the blogpost, they were in the wrong position.  I have been struggling with this for three days now.  Finally -- FINALLY today I got them in the right position.  I hope I don't have that to deal with again.  
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