Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Great Finds!

We found some good stuff this week on our errand run.

First thing was this new 24 count variety pack of Cesar.  I do not recall seeing this anywhere until last week. This gives us nearly a months worth of dinner for Baxter.  One cup of Cesar and 1/3 cup of Blue Buffalo/Small Breed.  His favorite dinner.  He weighed in at 10.1 pounds when we visited the vet.  That is exactly the perfect weight for a miniature wire-haired dachshund.  Actually, 10 pounds is the perfect weight. The 0.1 was all that wiry hair.

Grape tomatoes are perfect for salads or just right out of the container.  And strawberries are a delicious treat also.  The strawberries were .99 cent per container.  I don't think I've ever seen them that price.  I recently read that strawberries are particularly good at cleaning your teeth when you eat them.  So they are a delicious and healthy snack.  Much better for us than say, a Snicker's bar.  Although, there's nothing wrong with a Snicker's every now and then.  Just make sure you are eating more strawberries than you are Snicker's.

I won't go on about this shredded lettuce because I'm certain we have covered this in the past.  I love, love, love these bags of shredded lettuce.  Lettuce and grape tomato salad with a little french dressing and a sprinkling of salt.  I had one this week and it is delicious.

I'm sure you are saying, "He bought all of these fruits and veggies.  Where are the refrigerator storage bags for produce we talked about a few weeks ago?"  Here they are.  Hanging on the shower curtain rod, drying. I had to wash them.  All of the fruits and veggies go in them today.
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