Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Grass and Crinkle Cut

During errands last weekend, I ran into Walmart to pick up something (I can't remember now what I went in there for) and guess what I found.

A rainbow of colors of Easter grass, some of which was crinkle cut.  This will work perfectly in the Boxmania boxes.  The green translucent grass on top (the kind that came in your Easter basket when you little) was .33 cents per bag.  The bags of colored grasses were $1.37 per bag.  That's quite a price disparity.  I guess the manufacturer thinks the colored grasses will be more popular, therefore ... .

I got four bags of the old-fashioned translucent grass for a couple Easter boxes I am sending in the next couple weeks.  We'll talk more about that later today.  So if you are thinking of putting together some Easter baskets, I suggest a quick stop at Walmart to get your colored grasses.
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