Friday, March 7, 2014


We are going to start out today with a very short post about a snack food which we are trying again and which we find particularly satisfying.

And that snack food is Stax by Lay's.  I know I posted sometime last year that I loved Pringles.  I still love Pringles.  But while running errands last week I came upon this tubes of Stax potato chips and thought I would give them try,  ... again.  Let me tell you before I go any further that the Mesquite Barbecue are positively delicious.  I'm glad I only bought one tube of those because I could have eaten way more.  They are formed in the same style at Pringle's but they are thicker.  The taste is a little different that Pringles, but in a good way.  So here is my plan.  We will alternate between the two - Pringles one week, Stax the next. The bottom line is that I like these potato "crisps" in the tubes for two reasons.  Number 1, they are protected in the container so there is less opportunity for them to break.  I can't stand buying a bag of potato chips and getting 10 really good chips and the rest are broken.  Ugh!  Number 2, they are delicious.
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