Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Peanut Butter/Banana/Yogurt Freezer Treats for Baxter

We have talked before about treats for Baxter.  We make nearly all of his treats in the kitchen at Crest Avenue.  He is given store bought treats only after an exhaustive search to find and purchase only those treats made and distributed in the USA.  He does not ever get treats which are manufactured in or distributed from China.  The Chinese have a very different societal relationship with dogs than we do here in the United States.  It is because of that and the many stories we have all read in the papers and heard about on television about poisonous dog treats shipped to the US from China that we made the decisions to make our own treats which we know are of the highest quality.

This past weekend we made some frozen treats for him and I would like to share that recipe with you now.

We started out with three ripe bananas, 32 ounces of plain yogurt, one cup of smooth peanut butter and three ice cube trays.

And the food processor.  The recipe says to do this in the blender.  I am telling you do not do it in the blender.  I cannot imagine what a disaster it would be to try and do this in the blender.  I've used blenders many times in my life and this is not a recipe to be done in the blender.  Get out your food processor.

We placed the large stainless steel cutting blade in the bottom of the food processor.  We then sliced 3 ripe bananas into the bowl.

Next we poured in the entire content of the 32 ounce container of plain yogurt.

Finally, we added one cup of smooth peanut butter in dollops atop the yogurt.

We gave that a quick blend, pulsing the food processor.

We scraped down the side of the bowl with a spatula.

Then we blended the entire content for a full 3 minutes.  No pulsing.  The blade needs to spin non-stop for a full 3 minutes to fully incorporate the ingredients.

After 3 minutes, we filled each ice cube tray with the mixture using a tablespoon.  Each mold should be filled as close to the top as possible without spilling over.  If you have any drips, wipe them away with a slightly moistened paper towel.  The mixture sets up quickly, so with a steady hand there will be few if any drips.

Place the trays inside the freezer and in just a few hours your favorite canine will be enjoying this delicious delectable.  Baxter went bonkers for them.  He probably won't get more than one per day.  I imagine these will be quite popular on hot summer days.
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