Monday, March 3, 2014

Guess What? It's Snowing

There are many different reports floating about this morning so I can tell you that we could get as little as five inches and as much as twelve inches.  Either way, the entire area is shut down.  The federal government is closed.  Metrobus service has been cancelled in the District of Columbia.  Schools and offices are all closed.  We knew about this storm as early as last Thursday.  So it was not a surprise.  What was a surprise was yesterday was in the 50's.  During the evening and overnight temperatures dropped.  We first got freezing rain and now, snow.

Baxter and I were out early yesterday morning (7:15 AM) looking for ice melt.  I also wanted to pick up a few things for the pantry.  Surprisingly, things were very quiet at that hour of the day.  We were back home by 9:00 AM before the rush started.  I found four bags of Ice Melt at 7-11 and a new snow shovel at Lowe's.

We spent the day working on various projects.  In the evening I set the "auto" program on the coffeemaker like I do every weekday.  No need to waiver from that habit.

This morning we woke up to snow, as expected.  First cup of coffee poured and I was ready to get the day started.

You see here that we have a few inches of snow already.  As the day progresses I expect many more inches to fall.  I think we will work on getting the hydrofarm assembled today.  Check back in with us later.

So pretty.  Even though it is an animation.
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