Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Baxter Makes a Visit to the Vet

Saturday we had a 9:00 AM appointment for Baxter to see Dr. Freed.  Nothing wrong.  Just the usual check-up and a couple booster shots.  So we were up and on our way at 8:30 AM.

Here is a very happy boy, glad to be out of the house and going for a ride in the car, even if it does mean going to see the doctor.

We arrived on time and checked in at the front desk.  We have been clients of Lynn Animal Hospital (www.lynnanimalhospital.com) since 1993 when we adopted Fletcher, our beloved Basset Hound.  Fletcher was with us until September, 2005 when he went on to his reward.  The doctors and staff at Lynn are unequaled.  Professional and friendly and so caring of the many pets they see and their owners.

Baxter was a very good boy while we waited for our turn.  Here he is sitting very intently, watching all that was going on around him.  "Am I next," he asked.  Hold on just a minute.

We made our way to Exam Room 1 and he was quickly greeted by all the young people who are working at the hospital while attending school.  The young kids love him and fawn over him and he loves that.  Finally the time came to take a blood sample, then a physical examination and then two booster shots, one in each rear side.  It is most times difficult to get a blood sample from his stubby little legs, so a bandage was needed after that procedure.  He was a real trooper for it.  No biting.

Later in the day the poor little thing was miserable.  He always is after his booster shots.  He was sore and the shots took effect and he spent the rest of the day in bed.  He had dinner in bed.  Then a quick bathroom break outside and then right back to bed.  The same on Sunday.  Still feeling the effects of the boosters and his front leg was a little sore.  He had breakfast in bed, slept all day, dinner in bed, outdoor bathroom break and back to bed.  But I have good news to report.  On Monday morning he was right back to his old self again.  Jumping on me just before the alarm went off at 6 AM to let me know it was time to get up.
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