Monday, March 24, 2014

A Trip to Salvation Army

We started spring cleaning at Crest Avenue this past weekend.  Even though spring has officially arrived on the calendar, we are still waiting for the actual spring season to arrive here in the mid-Atlantic.  I cannot remember the last time we had such a long winter.  I believe spring will arrive this coming weekend.  Positive thoughts.  Positive thoughts.  I decided it was time to take some things to the Salvation Army donation center that I am no longer using.  What a wonderful feeling to know that someone else will get use of these items rather than having them dropped into some cavernous landfill.

So, we took over a tall, glass vase and a picture frame from IKEA, a food warming plate and a rowing machine.  You notice on the food warming plate and the rowing machine I taped the instruction manuals.  It is always nice to include those on any items you take to the Salvation Army or other donation center.  The new owner will really appreciate the extra effort you took to find them and attach them to the items you are donating.  We will be going through Crest Avenue over the coming weeks and making a few more trips to the center.  Time to bring some order to our space.
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