Friday, April 18, 2014

We Dyed Easter Eggs

We couldn't very well let Easter come and go without dyeing a few Easter eggs.

This year we used this dye from Dudley's.  I don't think I had ever heard of Dudley's.  When I grew up it was Paas who had the market cornered with Easter egg dye.  I guess now it is Dudley's.

At least Dudley's has continued with the egg punchouts on the back of the package.  That brings back memories.  This dye was very different from any I have used in the past.  There were packets of food safe dye in different colors and several plastic bags.  You drop a hard boiled egg in one of the plastic bags.  Then you place 5-6 drops of the color of your choice directly on the eggshell and then rub the dye all over the shell in the plastic bag.  No little color tabs dissolving in cups of vinegar like we did years ago.

I decided to do a Beverly Hills Hotel basket of eggs this year and just used the green and pink dye packets. If you've never been to the Beverly Hills Hotel, it is done in green and pink which might initially sound awful. But it is stunningly beautiful.  So in their honor, I did green and pink eggs this year.

We ended up with a cute dish of green and pink Easter eggs to display.
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