Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pill Pockets and Dingos

That would be a good name for an intriguing book title - Pill Pockets and Dingos.  We can work on that another day because today we are talking about these two items specifically.

Baxter takes one Trifexis pill each month.

They help keep him rid of fleas, heartworms and intestinal parasites.  So we have a reminder on the calendar that he gets his pill the same day, every month.  The pills are allegedly "flavored" in an effort to get the dog to take it like a treat.  That may work for some dogs, but not Baxter.  He was on to that in no time and he was having no part of it.  So, I tried hiding it in his food.  Nope.  He ate all around it.  So I went searching for something to help this process along and I found Pill Pockets.

These are made specifically to administer medications.  They have them for feline and canine.  The idea is to insert the pill in the beef flavored pocket, squeeze the ends together, thereby enclosing the pill, and then feed the treat with the pill inside to your dog.  Baxter was sneaky the first time we tried this just as a treat and he ate the treat and spit out the pill.  So we tried it again and this time I sealed the pill in the pocket and placed it in his food dish with dinner and it worked.  Not every dog will be this particular.  Most dogs are just going to take the treat with the pill inside and eat it and be done.  Not Baxter, of course.  In the end, they worked and so now we keep them in the refrigerator with his Dingo's.

Here we have Pill Pockets on the left and Dingo's on the right.  What a lucky little doggy he is.

So if you have had trouble getting your pet to take medication, try Pill Pockets.  It worked for us.

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