Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another Trip to Salvation Army Donation Center

We made another trip to the local Salvation Army donation center last week.  In our spring cleaning efforts this year, we have decided that it is time to take a good hard look at ALL the many items we currently have and decide which are really being used and which are just taking up space.  It is easy to accumulate items over the years and it seems we have done just that.  So this week we donated the following.

A wonderful SteamPress.  I used this intermittently over the years.  More so on special projects than for pressing everyday wear.  With few exceptions, most of my clothes are sent out to be laundered.

I feel when donating to the Salvation Army or any other organization, it is helpful to be as organized and inclusive with your donated items as is possible.  Case in point, I made sure to include these two pads that came with the steampress for doing shirt cuffs and collars.  I also included the original instruction manual in this Ziploc bag which I affixed to the handle with a Velcro cord organizer.  It worked perfectly to hold the bag on the handle.

A Spin Mop.  I bought this thinking that it would be wonderful to use to clean the floors.  Actually, it did a very good job.  It worked just as advertised.  But I eventually bought the Shark Sonic Duo to clean the floors and there was no longer a need for the Spin Mop.

A router table.  Whoever gets this is getting a brand new, never used router table with a complete set of bits or jigs, all organized in a nice little wooden box.  We had grand ideas of using this router to make any number of fanciful casings.  We found that the big box home improvement stores have in stock an enormous array of casings and finish pieces.  So, this was not used.

And finally, blankets.  There were three blankets altogether, one of which was still in the clear plastic overwrap from the laundry.  Again, some very nice finds for someone in need.  There was a light cotton blanket for spring.  A heavier brushed cotton blanket and the faux fur blanket in the bag on top.  Wonderful and cozy.  We still have plenty of blankets a Crest Avenue.

So, there you have our most recent Salvation Army donations.  A good thing to do if you can.
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