Monday, April 21, 2014

The Easter Pizza Kits Were a Hit

We talked about the Easter Pizza Kits on Thursday of last week.  I sent one to my BFF, Bev, and another to my niece, Sarah Paige.  Both of these gals are very creative, so I am excited to share with you how each Easter pizza turned out.

First up, Bev.  What a festive table!  She spent Easter with family and friends.  In addition to the pizza, she made quite a few other things.

Look at these beautiful colored eggs.  So vibrant.  I love everything about how these turned out.

Then there were these adorable little felt bunnies.  The cellophane paper was perfect as a wrap.

And finally, bunny bundles.  So cute.  I think I am going to Bev's next year for Easter.  Who's with me???

And now for the pizza from my darling Sarah Paige.  I was really quite impressed with how well she did for an 8 year old.  This is very beautiful.  I think one day Sarah Paige could take over writing Welcome to Crest Avenue once her Uncle John is no longer able to get around.  She is very artsy.  She likes to draw.  I have either two or three of her creations which are framed.  I see great promise in her.
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