Friday, April 4, 2014

Foggy Bottom Farmers Market

What a delightful surprise to come upon this farmers market set up on the grounds of the George Washington University campus one day this week.

Vendors set up here periodically.  I'm never sure of when they will be here.  I have not made any sense of what days of the week or week of the month, etc. that these take place.

So I made my way through, stopping along the courtyard to take in all that was offered.

First stop, Baklava Couture.  I love Baklava.  But with an appointment with the doctor coming up, I decided to keep moving.

However, others did not.  This young lady is ordering something delicious.

Then there was Three Little Pigs offering a selection of salami and pate and other delectables.  I think I will definitely stop here the next time they are set up.

This fellow was selling fresh herbs.

He had trays and trays of fresh basil and dill and thyme, etc.

On another table it looks like he had tomato plants and pepper plants and possibly some sage.

A display of wonderful freshly made artisan breads.  I could have taken one of everything here!

Quaker Valley Jams and Jellies.

And another table full of homemade preserves.

On my way out I took this shot of the banner containing all their social website addresses.  You can check out their schedules and so on.
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