Friday, April 25, 2014

Plant a Little Plant For Me

You will recall, back during the Christmas season, I posted about an assortment of seed packets which were given to me by my BFF, Bev.

We planted those seeds in peat pots and placed them under the Hydrofarm light and now, we must deal with what was produced.

Here is the peat pot tray.  I will endeavor to identify what is growing here.  We have Garlic Chives, Red Noodle Bean, Nasturtium, Love in a Mist, and Sweet Salad Pepper.

The red noodle bean and the nasturtium have gotten a little leggy.  So I have moved the peat pot tray outdoors.  I sat it atop two willow baskets which I ordered from Williams Sonoma.  These willow baskets have nylon inserts which are divided.  I have already filled the inserts with potting medium.  Over the next few days, all of these herbs will be transplanted into the baskets and from there I expect we will have quite a nice herb garden.  We will follow up on this as time goes on and the weather gets warmer.  We are still a bit chilly in the mornings and the forecast for next week is for temperatures in the sixties during the day.  This is a very different spring than we have had over the past several years.  But, you work with what you've got.
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