Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Following Up on Our Hosta Planting Last Week

It was just last week that I shared with you that my two new hostas arrived.  

First was the White Feather, seen above.

And the giant Sum and Substance.

We planted these rootings straight away into a pot because the ground was still too wet for them to be planted in the permanent location.

Look how sad they both look in this pot.

But no more!!!  Amazing.  Just amazing how much they have both grown in the past week.  I am hoping for and expecting both of these to be magnificent later this year.  You will also notice there is something else in this pot that wasn't there before.  Those spiny little plants between the two hostas are Mixed Carpet Sedum. They arrived over the weekend as a "freebie" from Gurney's.

I forgot I was due a free plant from my previous order.  Let's hope they take off like the hostas.  Sedum is a ground cover and is drought tolerant.  Given the past few summers, they should thrive quite nicely here.
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