Monday, April 7, 2014

The Hostas Arrived

Some months ago we placed an order with Gurney's for two hostas.  As is the case when ordering plants through the mail, the company holds your order until time comes when what you have ordered can be planted in your zone.  Such was the case with my hosta order.

The first hosta is a Sum and Substance.

This picture gives you an idea of how large this hosta grows.  These are magnificent in the landscape.  But only in areas with shade or very dappled sunlight.  They do not like direct sunlight at all.

The other hosta is a White Feather Hosta.

Magnificent.  I don't have any white hostas and I don't know why.  I think they are majestic.  Actually, I love all types of hostas.

Here is the package that contained the sum and substance hosta.  You see that is states "partial sun to full shade".  I think I'll plant this in the garden near the grove of sweet gum trees.  They will provide ample shade.

And the Hosta "White Feather" package.  Again, they state that this plant needs to be planted in full to partial shade.

Here is the sum and substance root.

And the Hosta White Feather.

This picture will give you a better feel for the difference between the two roots.  The sum and substance hosta (on the left) clearly has a larger root system than the white feather.

I planted them both in this pot.    The sum and substance is the larger root on the bottom. This is a good quality potting medium and they should do well here until I can get them in the ground.  Right now it is too wet from all the rain and melting snow to plant.  I took out a small cyprus tree this past weekend and when I did, the hole in which is was buried immediately filled with water.  I'm certain that was part of the reason it did not make it.  The ground was so wet and mushy that all I had to do was pull the cyprus out by my bare hand.  We are getting more rain today.  You just have to take what Mother Nature sends and deal with the effects.
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