Friday, April 18, 2014

Eggs and Cookies

In addition to dyeing Easter eggs, we couldn't let the holiday slip by without making sugar cookies too.  And in the shape of eggs.  Eggs symbolize the beginning of life and fertility and that is especially relevant at Easter.

This cute little glass basket full of eggs.

And another shot.

And another.

 I decided I wanted to carry through the green and pink theme, so I used both colors of crinkle cut Eco Shred to line the egg basket.

A little of each color in a bowl, in equal amounts.

Stir it together and then place it in the bowl.

Put in your eggs and you have a cute presentation.

I used an old sugar cookie recipe that is tried and true.  It takes a little longer to get it to the point of rolling and cutting, but it is well worth it.  You have never tasted a sugar cookie dough like this.

I did a tray in this pink color.

And I did another tray in these jewel tones.  The egg shaped cookies and the dyed eggs make for an inviting entry table.
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