Thursday, April 17, 2014

An Easter Present for Bev

I like to send Easter presents to my friends and family.  I enjoy sending presents at Easter as much as I do at Christmas.  Maybe it is something delicious I made in the kitchen.  Maybe something that I saw that was really cute and I thought would be enjoyed.  This year, it was the latter.  I found these cute Easter Bunny Pizza Kits which I thought were WAY cute.

From what I got of it on the label, the kit includes everything you need to make a "sweet" pizza with frosting and candy and all sorts of toppings on a cookie crust.  I was good and did not get one for myself. However, I could go back and pick up one more.  NO!  I won't.

Of course you need to enclose a card.  This one was for my friend Bev, or "Bevalicious", depending on the kind of day she is having!  Another of these went to my sister for her children and cards enclosed for each child with a little money tucked inside, a card to my sister and brother-in-law, one to my mother and one to my grandmother, who, unfortunately is suffering from a form of dementia.  But, she is still physically strong and she is still with us, so she gets a card like everyone else.

You do not need to spend a fortune on Easter gifts.  These little pizza kits were affordable on any salary and they are sure to bring a smile to anyone who is a recipient.
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