Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flowers of Georgetown

Some days, most days, we talk about projects going on at Crest Avenue.  Other days, we talk about things outside the confines of Crest Avenue.  Today we are talking outside of Crest Avenue.  A stroll through Georgetown in the western end of Washington, DC is especially beautiful this time of year.  I thought these pictures were just too gorgeous not to share.

Here, along the canal towpath, are these magnificent tulips and wonderful yellow window boxes.  Just extraordinary.

Further up from the canal on M Street, NW, I found these gay boxes.

I love the fact that they have incorporated beautiful flowering plants, like the azalea and pansies, with evergreens.  This is stunning.

These evergreen boxes were in front of Rialto, a restaurant which I have not tried.  Here is a peek inside at what appears to be a rather sumptuous bar.

And here is the lunch menu posted outside the entrance to Rialto with some rather intriguing items.  We must give this place a try.  I think the next time Bev is in town and we make our trip to Georgetown to visit the Paper Source, we have to try Rialto.  I know our favorite place is Cactus Cantina a little further up Wisconsin Avenue.  But we have to try something new.
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