Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Gardening Tools From My Friend, Bev

Now that the weather is improving, we are venturing outside to spend some time in the yard.  There are many projects which need our attention.  And if we are to do a good job of maintaining the grounds, we must have the right tools.

Thank goodness for my friend Memrie, ... er, I mean, Bev.

For Christmas last year, she gave me these much needed items.  It is always recommended to wear gloves when working in the garden.  I must admit I do not adhere to this advice.  Most times I work barehanded.  I think it is because I have never found a pair of gloves that felt good on my hands and allowed me the flexibility to do what I needed to do.  These gloves do just that.  The two loppers were especially nice to receive.  The pair on the left for light pruning and on the right for heavier duty pruning.  Thank you dear Bev. Over the coming days you will see some of what has been accomplished in cleaning up the yard with these new tools.
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