Friday, June 14, 2013

We Made It Through the Rain

Remember that song?  We survived the storms yesterday.  Damage around here was minimal.  A few trees down  but not a lot of widespread damage.  Of course, if you were one who had a tree fall on your car or cause your power to go off, you are probably looking at it a little differently.  The only damage I found at Crest Avenue was this:

We were very thankful that this was the extent of things.

A walk around the yard this morning revealed healthy new growth in the fern pot on the front porch.  Lots of new shoots which will eventually unfurl to make this a magnificent specimen.

The magnolia blossom we started watching a few weeks ago finally bloomed.  It is in less than perfect condition after the storm yesterday, but still beautiful and so fragrant.  I wish I could share the fragrance with you here.  Maybe in the next few years that will be an option.  And what is that little green critter in the lower left leaf.  Honestly, I think it is a tiny Praying Mantis.  I love Praying Mantis.  They are wonderful to have in the garden.  I have an amusing praying mantis story from my youth which I will be sharing with you in my book.

And here is another magnolia bloom on that same tree which will open most anytime now.

And finally, the nandina.  Pretty little white buds on the nandina.  Just a beautiful time of year.  I hope you are enjoying your gardens as well.
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