Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An Intimate Dinner for Three

Yesterday I mentioned that we had our friend Bev as a guest over this past weekend.  Bev is a Graphic Designer and a gal full of creativity.  We share the same eye in home decor, gardening and food which, I believe, is part of why we are such good friends.  We had a blast while she was here.  On Saturday night I prepared an intimate dinner table for three on the deck.  It was me, Bev and Steven.  Here are a few shots of the evening.

I used these beautiful Tiffany blue and white plates.  Actually, if you are interested, you can find these plates at IKEA.  They have a whole set of dinnerware and serveware in this blue and blue and white color.  The silver tray was a gift from whom - Bev, of course.  It has my initials engraved on the bottom.  I decided to fill it up with these votive holders (again, from IKEA) and add a little ambience to the table.  The wine glasses each have a charm around the base so that as each bottle was finished we would know which glass was ours.

There was the ice bucket;

the strainer; and

the martini shaker.  All three very cute.  I placed each atop the salad plate on top of an embossed cocktail napkin.  Remember, we did these a few weeks ago utilizing the Cuttlebug.

Everyone got a glass of wine and got settled and then it was time to start preparing dinner.  A beautiful plate of asparagus bought fresh from the Cheverly Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.  We grilled this and it was delicious.

We also picked up some fresh Mahi Mahi from the market on Saturday morning.  Here is my plate with the grilled Mahi Mahi, asparagus and a little coleslaw.  Superb combination!!!

Later on, for dessert, we had sliced strawberries and kiwi which were macerated in a little cane sugar and served with a generous helping of fresh whipped cream.  A delicious dinner, . . . and evening!
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