Friday, June 21, 2013

A Propane Generator and Peace of Mind

You will remember last year during our first major summer storm, which was referred to as a "Microburst," and then our second storm, which was referred to as a "Derecho," I posted that I was buying a portable generator for just such calamities.  I did some research and decided that I wanted a generator which ran on propane rather than gasoline.  Of course, generators were in short supply right after both of those storms and remained in short supply throughout the remainder of the year.  Many of the big box stores in the area replenished their supply of generators, but it took quite awhile.  And even after their in-store inventories increased, you could not find the propane generators in the stores.  So today, I have finally taken the bull by the horns and taken care of this problem.

Sportsman 1,350/2,000-Watt Clean Burning LPG Portable Propane Generator

I ordered the above propane generator.  We have already had the power go off once this month.  It was not due to storm damage.  There was a transformer close by that exploded early one Sunday morning about two weeks ago.  I was sound asleep and the noise was such that it woke me up.  And it woke little Baxter as well.  He sat up and starting barking.  The power was off for probably an hour.  But an hour of no power can be a very long hour, especially in the hot summer months.  No air conditioning.  No fan.  Just heat and humidity.  When I was 20 I could take it.  When I was 30 I could bear it.  When I was 40 I could possibly withstand it.  In my mid-50's, I need a portable generator.  If you have reached a point in your life where you are like me, then this may be the generator for you.  At $249.00 and free shipping from Home Depot, it is a very good deal.  The reviews were mostly very positive.  Here is a more informative description for your review:


The Sportsman Propane 1,350/2,000-Watt Portable Generator can power common household appliances and power tools. It is equipped with a single 120 volt outlet and a 12 volt DC outlet for battery charging. This recoil start generator can run for 12 hours with a 50% load on 20 lbs of propane fuel. A generator of this size is ideal for small camping or tailgating parties or to have on hand in case you need some temporary power in an emergency situation.It has a 2.4 HP 4-Stroke OHV Recoil Start engine. Its affordable but well thought out with full featured options such as Automatic Low Oil Shutdown and Circuit Protection. It boasts an Engine Run Time of 12 Hours at 50% on a common 20Lb (gas grill type) cylinder (LPG cylinder not included). A 5 foot propane fuel hose with a regulator is included for your added convenience. The engine is surprisingly quiet; it runs at less than 65 Db. This is a great generator for anyone who needs affordable power.Propane has several distinct advantages over gasoline generators. Propane burns cleaner than gas engines. Carbon monoxide emissions run up to 40% lower. Propane will not degrade, so you can keep several propane tanks on hand for emergencies and store them for an unlimited amount of time. Since this generator runs on propane you never have to worry about the fuel going bad or having the carburetor getting fouled due to degenerated gasoline - a common problem with gasoline powered small engines
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