Friday, June 21, 2013

A Healthy Lunch and Other Things

Why do I buy lunch when I can make it myself so easily and know that everything is fresh.  Not to mention the money I would save.  This is the question for today.  So, having asked myself this question, I made my lunch salad this morning.

A wonderful summer salad of romaine lettuce, shrimp, tomatoes, onions, peppers, sprouts and olives.  If inclined, you could add a few croutons you made yourself.  Or crumble on some bacon that might have been left over from breakfast.  Baby corn is another of my salad favorites.  Mix it up.  Make it like you want.  I will be picking up some additional salad fixings over the weekend so I can prepare salads with different flavors next week.

I will top this with Catalina dresssing and I threw in a Polly-O string cheese.  I will have a glass of iced tea with lunch.  This is a healthy lunch and one that I know has been prepared with fresh ingredients.  The romaine lettuce was already cut up into salad size pieces.  The other ingredients where in individual containers in the refrigerator.  It was just a matter of removing these items from the refrigerator and placing them in a salad bowl.  I found this little "rubbery" salad dressing holder at Giant.  It holds a goodly amount of dressing.  I put this whole thing together in under two minutes.  Let's all strive to prepare lunch ourselves and eat healthier.


On a separate note, I have a couple more items I would like to share with you from my trip to Sur La Table last Friday.

First up, Boos Block.

Just as the picture says, this is for use on your cutting boards.  I have two wooden cutting boards; a small one for everyday use or little jobs and a large one for when I am preparing for guests.  They were both in dire need of some attention, so I decided to try this board cream.  I was very happy with how it brought the boards back to life.  You simply squeeze a small bead on the board and work it in with your hand.  Once you are done, let it sit overnight and the next day remove the excess with a dry paper towel and your cutting boards will be as good as new.  Maybe even better than new.

The other item is "Plink."  I have long been a fan of Plink balls.  I had not, however, seen an assorted pack like this.  Here we have a value pack of 20 orange, lemon and lavendar scented balls.  They are easy to use.  You run some water into the drain, then reduce the water, turn on the disposal and drink in a Plink.  After a few seconds you have a clean and nice smelling garbage disposal.  Other ways to keep the disposal smelling fresh is to quarter a lemon or lime and drop each quarter in individually until you no longer hear the disposal chopping.  Then turn both the water and disposal off.  I also drop ice cubes into a running disposal every now and then to keep the blades sharp.  They also help to break up grease build-up which may have accumulated.

I decided to store the Plink balls in a Ziploc bag in a tray inside the cabinet door, under the sink.  This works very well.  Sometimes it can be difficult to remove the Plink from the container they come in.  They just roll around and mock you each time you try to remove them.  I prefer to store items in my own containers rather than leaving them in the store containers, so that is what I did with Plink.
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