Friday, June 28, 2013

Odds and Ends on a Hot Friday

Another week.  The time seems to fly by.  We have had a productive week at Crest Avenue, but we are ready to take some downtime over the weekend.  Baxter was particularly happy that is was Friday this morning.

He was acting like a crazy boy this morning and running and digging.

Later when I took the trash to the curb for pick up, I noticed how beautiful the begonias were in the individual pots on the front porch.

These filled in very nicely as I expected they would.  A wider shot includes the maidenhair fern.

This is really a beautiful arrangement on the front porch.  And it's just little clay pots filled with pink and white begonias around a larger clay pot with fern and a few begonias planted around the fern.  A beautiful look and for very little cost.  I got the begonias at the garden center at Walmart and the little clay pots I found in the shed.  The fern was there all winter.

We had a graduation in the family this year.  My cousin, once removed, Miss Bailey Saunders Good graduated from my alma mater, Orange County High School (Go Hornets!!!!).  We all love her and wish her all the best at James Madison University beginning in the fall.  I found the perfect card for her.

Now to get a little something in here to show the graduate how proud I am of her and get this in the mail.  We all love you Bailey.

So there is an olio of things that are going on this Friday at Crest Avenue.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I want to talk about the greenhouse installation next week.  Let's see how that goes.
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