Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Follow-Up to Hydrangea Mania

Going back to the post yesterday about the hydrangea, I wanted to share a picture today of the new pink hydrangea planted around the existing bleu.

You see the existing bleu hydrangea in the background.  Now they are joined by the wonderful pink specimens.

You will remember early in the season, I picked up these little bleu hydrangeas which I planted in the central back yard garden.  I had a brainstorm of sorts overnight.  I am going to moved these three to the front yard with the others.  It won't be long until I have an enormous hydrangea garden in the front yard.  What a spectacular show we will have every year.  They will look especially nice in front of the boxwood hedge and arborvitae grouping.

Moving on to another topic.  The Sedum.  Some few weeks ago I planted thirty sedum plants in a corner garden in the front yard.  This required clearing the area of grass and weeds and relocating an Italian Cyprus in the process.

I purchased 3 flats, each containing 10 individual plants.  I am pleased to let you know that all thirty took.  The Italian Cyprus is having a bit of "relocation shock," but I feel certain that it will be fine.  Don't give up on any plant too soon.  Gardening takes patience.

It is just a matter of time now until they fill in this area.  They have pretty little pink flowers that you can barely see in this picture.  We trimmed around the edging to keep the English Ivy in its proper place in this garden setting.  We will need to do a little clean up in the sedum garden.  I'm thinking a light layer of cedar mulch is in order.  I prefer cedar mulch.  I like the color.  I like the aroma.  And cedar is a natural deterrent to creepy-crawlies.  So I not only use it in the gardens in the landscape, I used it around the foundation as well.  I can say without pause that I use cedar mulch exclusively in the gardens.  I used some rubber mulch a few years ago in a sidewalk project (which is currently in the process of being upgraded and you will see more on that as we make our way through the summer months), but cedar mulch is my preferred choice.
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