Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A trip to Sur La Table

If you are reading this blog, then you are, no doubt, a fan of Sur La Table.  I am.  Last year for Christmas I was the lucky recipient of a gift card to this establishment.  So last Friday, while Bev was in town, we visited their store on Wisconsin Avenue in Upper Northwest Washington.  It did not take long to spend the $100 on the gift card and add an additional $58 of my own money.  I found some very useful things for the kitchen and around the house.  Today I will share a couple of these items with you.

First up, melon ballers.  I had one for many years and I cannot remember what I was using it for, but one day it broke.  The little scoop part broke off.  Honestly, I think I was using it for something other than making melon balls.  I can't imagine any melon at any stage of ripeness destroying a melon baller.  In any case, it broke and I did not immediately replace.  On Friday, I took care of that and then some.  I was so glad to find this assortment.  The large one is great for use on melons.  The smaller one in the middle is handy when scooping cherry or grape tomatoes.  I have a wonderful recipe for cherry or grape tomatoes filled with salmon mousse.  The large melon baller was always too large to use on these tomatoes.  The smaller one will be perfect.  And finally the small serated scoop.  I have not used one of these, so I am anxious to see what we get.  Should be interesting.

Another handy item I found was this silver cleaning and polishing cloth.  Silver maintenace can be a time consuming chore.  It can also be a very messy chore.  I decided to give this dry cloth a try.  The silver tray in yesterdays post with the votives was the first piece to receive this treatment.  I was pleased with how it turned out.  It removed the tarnish and cleaned the tray well.  I want to spend some more time with this on some of my other silver pieces to get a better understanding of how it works.  I like the fact that it is not messy like most silver polishes.  And I like the fact that it does not have some horrendous odor like some liquid silver cleaning solutions.  We'll talk more about this after I've had a chance to use it some more.
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