Friday, June 7, 2013

Two New Items You Must Try

Today I want to introduce you to two new items I have recently stumbled upon and which I believe are worthy of being posted on Welcome to Crest Avenue.

The first item is Hydrogen Peroxide in a spray bottle.

What took so long for this to happen?  You might say, just pour hydrogen peroxide from the bottle into a spray bottle you pick up at the drugstore.  But that would not necesarily work.  Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is in the dark brown bottle because it is sensitive to temperature changes and light.  If it is exposed to either for too long, it will revert back to water (H2O) and oyxgen (O2).  Plus, I would not feel comfortable that it had remained sterile in the process of pouring it into another bottle which could contain unknown pathogens.  This little 8 oz. bottle is handy to keep around for those everyday scratches and scrapes we all experience, especially if you are a gardener.

The other item is Downy Wrinkle Releaser.

I believe this product has been around for awhile, but I am just trying it for the first time.  I pulled a pair of jeans out of the drawer this morning which were a little wrinkled.  Pressed for time (pun intended), I did not have time to set up the ironing board and all of that.  So I used the wrinkle releaser and it worked quite nicely.  Be judicious with it.  You don't want to smell like a bottle of Downy all day.  A few sweeping sprays will place enough of the product on the item so that you can smooth away the wrinkles.  I used the palm of my hand to smooth out the legs of these jeans.  I folded them once and hung them over the back of a dining room chair and took a shower.  When I was ready to get dressed, they looked like I had taken an iron to them.  Wrinkle free and with a nice fresh, clean scent, but not too much.

And those are my new product suggestions for the day.
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