Monday, June 3, 2013

Napkin Embossing with Cuttlebug

This weekend we experimented with the Cuttlebug Embossing and Die Cutting Machine.

I must admit that I've had this machine for some time now and this weekend was the first time I actually gave it a try.  I was really impressed.  The whole idea here is that you insert the die of your choice between two lucite plates along with your choice of paper and send the stack through the machine by using the handcrank to produce either a specific cut-out shape or embossed design on the paper.

So here is my Cuttlebug all shiny and new, like it just came out of the box.

Here's the neat thing.  When you fold down the sides to allow access for your embossing dies and paper, the machine suctions itself to the countertop to keep it from moving around.  What an ingenious idea.

I decided to emboss cocktail napkins.  I had the hardest time finding plain cocktail napkins.  Everywhere I went they had lots of cocktail napkins, but all with clever pictures and sayings.  I like the ones with clever pictures and sayings, but I wanted just plain cocktail napkins for this project.  Thank you IKEA.

You see here that there are actually a few different plates which are necessary to get the embossing done.  The bottom plate (A) is the thickest of the plates at approximately 1/2".  The two upper plates (B) are used to hold the die and the paper of your choice in place while going through the machine.  So one (B) plate lays on top of the bottom plate (A), then you insert the die with your paper (in this case a cocktail napkin), and then you place the other (B) plate on top of that and insert this combination into the slot on the front of the machine. 

Here is green cocktail napkin number 1, ready to make its way through the machine.

A few cranks of the handle and out pops your cocktail napkin with a lovely embossed design.

Bamboo Design

Vine Design

Flower Petal Design
 These are just a few of the designs available.  I really enjoyed using the machine.  I ended up doing several sets of different designs to have ready for the next time I am serving cocktails.  Some very inexpensive napkins turned into little works of art.

NOTE:  I got my Cuttlebug from HSN.  You can find them at your local Michael's.  If you are interested in ordering one online, visit  You can also get them at 
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