Friday, June 7, 2013

Detailing the Car

We don't talk much about car care here at Welcome to Crest Avenue.  Actually, I cannot think of a post having to do with car care.  So today we are going to change that and have a conversation about how we can make our time in the car a little more enjoyable.  This is a lifestyle blog.  Our cars are part of our lives.  A very integral part.  Let's see what we can do to make our time spent behind the wheel more enjoyable.

First of all, my car was in dire need of a vacuum cleaning.  Too many trips to Lowe's and Home Depot and the local nursery and Walmart and Target and Giant and Safeway and here and there and everywhere.

Just awful.  I mean, would Betsy Bloomingdale ride in such a filthy car?  No.  Plus these floor mats are original equipment.  This one on the driver's side is worn and needed to be replaced.

So, out with them.  All four of them.  It was time to get out the vacuum and do a little cleaning in the car this morning.  These mats served their purpose but it was time for something new.

I found these new floor mats which matched the color of the interior of the car.  Any auto supply chain will have these.  Usually the floor mat selections go something like, Good, Better, Best, Super Best, Ultimate, or some version thereof.  I decided to go with Super Best.  The good thing about these mats is that they can be cut to size.  Larger cars will need very little to no trimming; medium sized cars will need a little trimming and small cars will need the most trimming.

I decided that I would need to trim for the small sized car.

So, after awhile, I had trimmed the new floor mats to fit appropriately inside my car.

And here you see the final result.  Nice, fresh, clean floor mats in a freshly vacuumed car.

And the same in the back so that everything matches.  I vacuumed the carpet, front and back and the seats.

And speaking of seats.  I vacuumed the most important seat in the car.  That being the seat which carries the most regal of all miniature wire-haired dachshunds ever to grace us with his presence.  The one.  The only.  Baxter.

And finally, once I was done, a spray or two of Fresh Breeze scented air freshener.  It's like riding in a new car.  The next post about car care will follow the process of window tinting.
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