Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Surprise Package

I received a package yesterday.  On the front porch, beside one of the planters, I found a box.  I could not remember ordering anything recently, but sometimes packages show up at Crest Avenue with something I ordered and forgot about or from a company who has received a glowing review on Welcome to Crest Avenue.  Sometimes I receive packages that were meant to be delivered to a neighbor and I always set off immediately to get it to its rightful owner.  When I checked the label on the box it was clear that it was for me.

And from One Kings Lane.  Everybody likes to receive a box from One Kings Lane.  I love their byline - design is never done.  True.  So when I opened it, what did I find?

This adorable little dachshund fashioned from metal.  Too cute for words.  It is called the Patriotic Dachshund.  The little saddle on his back is separate, so it can be removed.  I received another dachshund figure this year made from metal and stones.  The stones make up the body of the previous gift.  In addition to this cute little fellow, there was a book in the Box entitled, "25 Reasons We Love Summer."

This is a very interesting little book which reminds us of many different things to be happy about in the summertime.  Things such as:

Of these few that I share with you here, I have fond memories of playing croquet in our yard at home during the spring and summer months.  What an enchanting book.

Now we get to who sent this package.  My sister!  As I was making my way through the box I found the invoice and it had her name as the sender.  And my birthday is still four months away!!!  So thanks go out to my sister, Gwen, for sending this wonderful gift box.  I will have to wait until next week to call her.  She is currently at summer camp with my nephew somewhere in the wilds of Virginia.  My mother told me on the phone earlier this week that wherever they are, there is no cellphone reception.  How marvelous to find a spot on this earth where there is no cellphone reception!!!  I think I'll go to summer camp next year.
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