Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Visit to Merrifield Garden Center

Our visit to Merrifield Garden Center to celebrate Bev's birthday was on September 22.  When my phone so very cleverly deleted the pictures of the Chinese Gift box that I put together for her, it also deleted my pictures from our visit to the garden center.  Fortunately, Steven took a good many pictures that day also.  His phone was a good bit more agreeable than mine, so here is a look at our day.

One of our first stops was the pumpkin bins just outside the front entrance.  This is me and Bev searching for just the right gourd.  The selection was incredible.  Bev got the little yellow pumpkin with the green veining down the side that she is holding and a couple others.  I got the one my left hand is on.  It is very strange in that the pumpkin itself is covered with what appear to be roots.  It sort of looks like a brain, so I had to get it and a couple little white ones.  Bev was kind enough to show up on Friday with pumpkins in the back of her car, so the front porch is getting decorated for Halloween.

Once we made our way inside, we were awed by the gift shop section of their Fair Oaks location.  Beautiful fall decorations abound.  A wonderful place to go to pick up something for your fall decorating or to get something for a friend.

Here is a picture of me taking a picture; one of many that would later be lost.  This was a beautiful koi pond with a gorgeous waterfall.  See the next two pictures for close-ups.

The Koi Pond

A better picture of the waterfall.  Really beautiful!
Steven and Bev decided to make wreaths from indian corn that they purchased at the garden center.  This was the final result of that endeavor.

I gave them the glue gun and turned them loose.  I thought they turned out quite nice.  They are hot glued to a grapevine form.  Very appropriate for a fall door hanging.

So that was our trip to Merrifield Garden Center.  We met David Yost who is one of the personalities on their local gardening show, The Merrifield Gardening Advisor.  We are avid fans and watch every Saturday morning at 8:00 AM.  He was a pleasure to talk to.  Debbie Warhurst-Capp was out of town, so we missed her and Peg Bier, another of the personalities on the Gardening Advisor show, was not around.  We look forward to visiting again and meeting Debbie and Peg.  If you are in the Farifax, VA area, I definitely recommend a stop at Merrfield Garden Center.
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