Monday, October 8, 2012

A Pretty Vase for Inside or Out

I found this glass vase on a pedestal recently and I thought, "I can do something with that."  The price was right, so I bought it and placed it on the kitchen counter where I would see it everyday.  Last week I was in Michael's and I found this small can of glitter spray paint.  Ah-ha!!  I had my idea.  I bought the glitter spray paint and here is the rest of the story.

The first thing to was to clean the vase thoroughly with warm soap and water and dry thoroughly.  Then I taped around the top of the outside of the vase with 1" painter's tape.  Then around the bottom with 2" painter's tap.  Then I taped over the outside of the bottom of the vase and the pedestal.  I applied two thin coats of the glitter spray, letting the first coat dry thoroughly before applying the second.  I waited an hour between applications.  When the second coat was dry to the touch, I very carefully removed the tape from around the top and bottom and then proceeded to remove the rest of the tape from the pedestal.

I then placed a small layer of clear/multicolored polished stones in the bottom.  Then a pillar candle inside of a glass jar on top of the stones.  Then I filled in between the glass candle jar and the vase with the remaining stones to the top of the candle.

And voila!!  A pretty vase for the outdoor table;

Or atop the deck railing.  A simple project that really brings some panache to the outdoor room.
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