Friday, October 12, 2012

I have recently become acquainted/friendly with Liz Smith, the celebrity columnist.  She is as delightful a soul as I can remember meeting.  It all happened quite innocently.  I am a subscriber to the New York Social Diary which is published each weekday.  David Patrick Columbia is the author and he is also a Facebook friend.  More on David in another post.  Liz has a column each day on the NYSD and I never miss it.  Between the two of them, this is a must read blog.  Without getting into the specifics of how we became friendly, I responded one day to a post from our dear Ms. Smith - a post that was political in nature.  Although we did not see eye to eye on every issue we discussed, we became friendly.  Which goes to show all of you out there that you can be friendly with someone who does not agree 100% with your political persuasion and also if you do not agree 100% with theirs.  Sage advice to heed in this fiery election season we find ourselves in right now.                     .

All of that said, in one of our recent conversations I mentioned to Liz that I was reading the new biography by William J. Mann entitled  "How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood."  Later in the conversation she told me that she had a copy of the Richard Burton Diaries that she would like to send me along with another book that was to remain a secret until I received the package.  So, yesterday the package arrived at my door.

So I pour a glass of wine and open it to find . . .

the Richard Burton Diaries AND Natural Blonde, a memoir by none other than Liz Smith herself.  I laughed out loud because I had just a week ago been searching Amazon and had come across this book and decided that I wanted to get a copy to read right after How to Be a Movie Star.

But wait!  There's more.

She was kind enough to sign it!!  What a wonderful gift from a wonderful new friend.  All the best, dear Liz!!
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