Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Pop of Color is All You Need

Sometimes you just need a little something to help brighten up a room or to add a little warmth.  Fresh flowers are a good way to achieve this goal.  And it doesn't need to be "splashy" or "over-the-top."  Just a small bowl of your favorite flower nestled in here and there and, . . . mission accomplished.

You see here how this little arrangement helps to soften the look on the media cabinet in the tv room.  The harshness of the tuner/amplifier and television are made a little easier on the eye by adding this small bowl of alstromera and a small lamp that does not take over the space.  I keep fresh flowers in the house on a regular basis.  I particularly like these little alstromera bunches.  They can be picked up at the supermarket.  Most large chains carry an assortment of these each week.  I picked up the arrangement you see here in Giant.  These will typically last a week or longer if you pay attention to the water and change it every couple of days.  I also add a couple drops of bleach to the water (always over the kitchen sink).  This will keep the water from getting cloudy and inhibit the growth of bacteria.  There are other ways that are suggested to help keep them fresh longer; adding a copper penny to the water; adding a pinch of sugar or vinegar; I've even heard of adding vodka to the water!  I would rather use my vodka for other purposes (hic!).  Any one of these may or may not work.  I use bleach because I find that extends the life of the blooms.  But experiment and use what works for you.  Of course, you can always use the little packet of preservative that usually comes wrapped with the arrangement.  The bottom line is to try and minimize the growth of bacteria in the water.

A certain amount of the proceeds from the purchase of these went to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  So I was able to bring beauty into my life and hopefully help, in some small way, someone who is struggling with breast cancer.
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