Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween for Nathan and Sarah Paige

I started putting together the traditional Halloween treats for my niece and nephew yesterday.  They are growing up so fast that they will soon not want to receive Halloween treats from Uncle John.  But I'm going to keep sending them every year anyway until I'm so old I can't make it to the post office to mail them!!  That will irritate them when they are teenagers but when they are 40 and still receiving a Halloween treat box from Uncle John filled with Fizzies and Gummy Worms and such, they'll have a different outlook.  So here is a pictorial of what I did.

Fun containers.  Snow White for Sarah Paige and Spiderman for Nathan.  I was surprised how much I could fit in these cups.

A couple of extra little fun things to toss in the box.  These are SnoopyMobiles with Mini Sweet-Tarts inside the car.  My sister is a Sweet-Tart fan, so maybe I should send these to the children under separate cover or they may end up with empty SnoopyMobiles.

Can't go wrong with Glow-in-the-Dark bracelets and necklaces.  Plus they're just fun!!

A monster card for Nathan.

And a sweet card for Sarah Paige.

I always handwrite the year on the back of any card I give just in case the person ever wants to know which year they received the card.

Added little bubbles on the letters of their names.

The kids get a kick out of getting a sticker or two on their cards.  I thought these were cute.  They are squishy like the package states - puffy | bouffant.  (I didn't know bouffants were coming back in style.  Get out the hairspray!!)

And finally, sealed up envelopes, ready to be mailed.
 You can put something like this together for little money.  I spent $26 yesterday at CVS on all of this.  No.  Not true.  There was a bag of Lay's Potato Chips and a Diet Pepsi that I bought myself for lunch.  So it was probably more like $23 for Halloween fair, and that's for two children.  So, ... $11.50 per child.  That is certainly reasonable.  And it's just enough.  My sister won't be mad that they got too much candy.  At least from Uncle John!!  I do not believe in this fad of giving out apples and oranges and muesli and oatmeal and nuts and oats and that sort of thing at Halloween.  It's a fun time for the kids.  Let them enjoy it and have some candy.  A few pieces of candy at Halloween isn't going to hurt anybody.  There is plenty of time all year to watch what we eat.
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