Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Here's to Your Health

Today's culinary treat does not include eggs.  It does not require a serving tray nor a bowl.  It does not require use of an oven nor a microwave.  Today's culinary delight is easily made with just a few ingredients and a few minutes of your time but is super delicious and very healthy for you.  What is this concoction you ask?  Why it's the Toxin Cleansing Blast made in my new Nutri-Bullet.

I got one of the new Nutribullets that are currently being advertised on tv.  It looked simple to use and easy to clean and a good way to get some healthy fruit and veggies in my diet.  And here is what I found - it is simple to use and easy to clean and a good way to get some healthy fruit and veggies in my diet!!  This is not some bogus product sold on tv that doesn't do what they say it will do when you get it home.  It is a thousand times easier to clean than a juicer.  I had a juicer which I hardly ever used because the amount of time it took to clean it after each use.  I finally got rid of it when I found a recall notice online that stated little pieces of metal from the extractor blade could break off and end up in the juice.  They recommended that anyone with this model stop using it immediately.  I don't have to be told but once!!!  I liked the idea of juicing, but you lose so much pulp which is full of nutrients.  With the Nutribullet, you put the whole fruit or vegetable in the container.  There are some fruits which contain seeds or pits that are poisonous and they tell you in the manual which ones they are and to be sure and core and remove the seeds from those particular fruits.  The Nutribullet is not a juicer.  It is an emulsifier.

So I've tried a few recipes and I think this will be a very good purchase.  This morning I am having the Toxin Cleansing Blast which contains spinach, banana, pineapple and apple.  Really delicious.  If you are having difficulty cosuming the recommended number of fruits and vegetables everyday, give one of these a try.  You can order directly from their site and get the unit for $99 and pay over three months if you use a credit card.  It is also available other places if you do not want to order direct.  I think Amazon is selling it also.  But what doesn't Amazon sell?!?!?

So here is to my good health and a lower A1C reading the next time I visit the doctor.  And to your good health as soon as your receive yours.
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