Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We Cleaned Out All of the Old Paint - Responsibly.

Steven was feeling better on Saturday after having his feeding peg removed on Friday.  So we gathered up all of the old partially used gallon cans of paint, loaded them into the back of the Commander, and went to the landfill.  It was good exercise and it helped in the continuing clean out of both houses.

Here is a picture of part of my contribution to the clean out effort.  I had probably another 6 gallon cans which I brought up from the basement to add to these 6 gallons.

We headed to the Brown Station Road Facility in Prince George's County.  We called ahead to make sure they would take our partially used cans of paint.  They said they would and they did.

On our way to the weigh station, we saw this soaring hill of earth.  Wonder what is on the other side? Maybe we don't want to know.

We waited patiently in line until it was our turn to drive up onto the weighing scales.  The sign on the right beside the white van lists the hours of operation, fees for certain items to be dropped off and the list of items they will not take.  Surprisingly, the list of items not accepted is quite lengthy.  I was a bit perplexed by that, but we were dropping off paint and we knew they took that, so we moved ahead.

Here was our complete load of paint.  Styles change.  Color that is "in" today is out tomorrow.  Sometimes you just want a change.  Looks like we are fans of Behr and Glidden paint.

Here we are at the paint drop-off lot.  I was intrigued with this mountain before us. What is not immediately apparent in this picture is that there was a guy driving a bulldozer up and down the side of this mound.  You will see him at the very top, to the left next to the pile of dark brown earth.  He was spreading this mulch or earth up and down the side.  It was rather interesting to watch because the slope of this was much greater than it appears here.  I don't know if I would have the courage to drive a bulldozer around on this.

Finally, one last shot on our way out.  I don't see the guy in the bulldozer anywhere here.  I hope he didn't tip over the other side.  That is not him in the orange vest trimming around the fence.  That guy was there when we arrived.  I love the fact that they have guys keeping the grounds of the landfill in tip-top shape.

-          -          - 

Back to the first paragraph of this post.  I don't know if I have mentioned here previously, but we have two properties - Crest Avenue, which is the namesake of this blog, and Dewey Street.  Crest Avenue is a "Rancher".  It is a small version of the mid-century California Ranch style houses.  Dewey Street is a center-entrance Colonial.  Eventually, for practical purposes, we will consolidate the two households into one. Since Dewey Street is the larger of the two properties, we will sell Crest Avenue and Baxter and I will move to the Dewey Street property.  The original plan was for this to take place in the next five to ten years. After Steven's illness last year, we decided that we would move up the date at which we would consolidate the two houses.  The revised schedule calls for Crest Avenue to be put on the market next spring.  I try not to get too mired down in things nor too attached.  To quote Heraclitus, "the only constant in life is change." The Dewey Street property is every bit as dear to me as Crest Avenue.  We will continue our journey together of home decor, gardening and cooking at Dewey Street just as we have at Crest Avenue.  Nothing will change but the street address.  I felt the time had come to share this with each of you.  We have lots to do over the next year and I want you all there with me as I prepare for this new chapter in my life.
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