Friday, May 2, 2014

Today is Feeding Peg Removal Day

We will be at MedStar Washington Hospital Center later this morning.

Steven is having his feeding peg removed.

I realize this is not the most pleasant conversation to have, but we are all adults.  After healing from the surgery to remove the cancer, his doctor started him on radiation and chemotherapy, which is standard treatment in the United States after being diagnosed with cancer.  The poor thing got so sick from the treatment that he was unable to eat solid food.  After several trips back to the hospital and a severe case of dehydration over the Labor Day weekend, they installed a feeding peg directly into his stomach.  That was in September, 2013.  He has received the bulk of his nutrition through the feeding peg until the first part of April when he was finally able to consume solid food again.  Once he was consistently taking in the requisite amount of calories per day, he met with his doctor and the procedure was scheduled to remove the feeding peg.

We are all so very proud of him for all his efforts.  Some foods still taste "weird" as he explains.  But there has been much improvement.  This is the final step to putting this whole sordid mess behind us.  Now he just needs to continue to have clear body scans for the next 4-1/2 years and we will be done with it.  Carpe diem!!! 
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